Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Week Links: 71

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And here is Week 71...

Match the artist with their childhood art.

Brilliantly patterned jewelry made from layers of cut colored pencils by Anna Curlejova.

1,100 white umbrellas form a canopy made by Kaisa Berry and Timo Berry.

Foil stamping technique from Christine Adolph.

10 art apps to inspire your inner creative.

From to-do to done deal. Danny Gregory shares how to get it all done.

What do you think of Amazon taking on Etsy with their new Handmade at Amazon site?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why I Art Journal

In the past I had started many journals and found that after a short time, they remained nearly blank, unused and in a pile on the shelf. At that time, journaling was a frustrating experience as it became more of a symbol of an unfinished project rather than a helpful process. Then one day a number of years ago it occurred to me that my journals were there for me and only me. They could be anything, with no expectations and no rules. 

It does not matter whether I journal everyday or once a year. What matters is that I journal what I need, when I need to, and in any form that works for me.

Now art journals have become an important part of my life. I have several of them going at once and use them for different reasons. My current go-to journal is a 9x12 inch, spiral bound journal with 140b cold press water color paper. It is truly a visual journal in that every page starts with a layer of black gesso, continues with painted pages, and finished off with additional mixed media elements. There is text on every page as well but very limited actual journaling. 

The expression of emotion is in the images and hidden within the layers. And that is just fine.

I also have a smaller journal that I hand bound myself and that is used as a more traditional journal - with a lot of writing. All of the pages have been prepainted with watercolor washes and there is collage added as well. This journal is there for me when images won't do and I need to use my words. I do not journal in this book as often as my visual journal - but it is there whenever I am compelled to reach for it. And unlike my visual journal, this smaller one is private and not shared with anybody on line or IRL.

Both of these journals, and the many others I have made, are containers for my thoughts, feelings, ideas and concerns. They hold my stories. They are me...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Week Links: 70

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And here is Week 70...

Embroidered textured landscape art from Ana Teresa Barboza.

Remember my Living with Art online collaboration? Check out the book Artists Living with Art by Stacey Goergen, Amanda Benchley and Oberto Gili.

Epic 3D graffiti from street artist Odeith.

Joanna Wirazka uses fallen leaves as her canvas to create stunning landscape art.

Love this floating college from Laura Lein-Svencner.

Fabric mending inspired by century-old Japanese textiles.

Excited to see that Roxanne Evans Stout's new book - Storytelling with Collage: Techniques for Layering, Color and Texture - is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Words/Matter Exhibition

Back in 2009 I was involved with a collaboration with artists Bridgette Guerzon Mills  and Jen Worden. The main idea was to challenge and experiment with our creative skills. I created a handbound, vintage paper book with the theme Contexture. Jen created a series of loose metal pages with the theme Shine. Bridgette created a book with plaster pages with the theme Book of Trees. 

Juts got word that Book of Trees will be part of an exhibition in Chicago at words/matter. Opening 10/3 and running through 10/29, this show highlights artists books. If you are in the area, I hope you are able to stop by.

Bridgette's Book of Trees (photograph by Bridgette Guerzon Mills)

The three pages I created in the book:




Head on over to this post on Bridgette's blog, Contemplating the Moon, to see images from every page in her book and to read about her own personal experience with the collaboration.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oh Canada...

Excited to be teaching in Canada for the first time in June 2016. Registration is now open for four workshops that I will be holding in Carp, Ontario - just outside of Ottawa. Hope you will be able to join me there. And many thanks to Holly Dean for making this happen!

Collage Camp: June 6, 2016

For Your Eyes Only: June 7-8, 2016

52 Card Pickup: June 9, 2016

Dimensional Stenciling: June 10, 2016

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Guess Who is Guesting?

Happy to be the guest poster today on Balzer Designs, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's blog. I am a sucker for numbered posts - you know top 10 this and 7 reasons for that. So head on over to find my list of 5 tips to finish off and integrate your collage.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Week Links: 69

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And here is Week 69...

Pantone's top 10 fashion colors for Spring 2016. Will they also be evident in the art world?

The 26 best art museums in the United States according to Time Out New York.

A blog is only dead when you are. Thoughts from Holly Becker of Decor8 that every blogger should read.

Anemones from Elena Nuez at Bicocacolors. What a lush, gorgeous palette.

Observations from Diana Trout.

More Joseph Cornell. A recent repost of a review of his 1967 show at The Guggenheim.

Want more links to love? Kelley Fewer shares her favorite links every Sunday too.