Monday, September 15, 2014

An Artist Book in Progress: part 1

Bookmaking is absolutely one of my most favorite art activities. I started many years ago making blank books using traditional binding methods and took classes at the Center for Book Arts in NYC. Over time, I have shifted my focus onto making artist books with pages filled with mixed media art. My bindings have become more wonky and non-traditional too. In other words...less precise and more fun.

I have recently started creating a new artist book and wanted to share my process and progress in a series of blog posts. Today, I bring you post #1.

The pages in this book are made from 90lb watercolor paper. Glued to both sides of each piece is a vintage French-English dictionary page. The text from the dictionary is used as a design element and I will be saving some of the images as well. Once dry, the pages were painted with layers of gesso, acrylic paint, and acrylic glazes.

For some of the pages, my next step was to add a variety of die cuts created from my stash of hand painted papers. For this book, I decided to use some of the newest dies from Spellbinders. They are so new that right now they are available for pre-order, with shipping beginning in October. To begin, I chose a group of dies that were highly graphic and modern.

Although I have been blogging about the die cutting process for nearly two years, artist friends still ask me about the process. So simply put, for those of you unfamiliar with die cutting, dies are metal templates with blades that allow you to cut, emboss, and stencil when run through a die cutting machine.

The leftover pieces from the Chevron Border die

Each of these die cuts were matched with a book page and adhered.

Stay tuned for post #2...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Week Links: 15

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And here is Week 15...

Looking forward to seeing new work by Jose Parla in an exhibition that just opened at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in NYC.

Marilyn Harris Mills writes a though review of the different qualities of watercolor and other types of paper on the Mixed Media Art blog.

Wish I could have seen this exhibition of Glen Skein's work shared by Fiona Dempster on her blog Paper Ponderings.

Blogging, Now. Fascinating thoughts on storytelling from Erin Loechner Design for Mankind.

Already excited about Harvest, a solo exhibition from my friend Patricia Larsen opening next month at the Hudson Opera House in Hudson, NY.

Equally excited for Janaki Larsen, who happens to be Patrcia's daughter, on hearing the news that she will soon be opening an online shop, selling both her own stunning ceramics and family artwork.

Are you a Gelli Plate addict? Gelli Plate creator Joan Bess shares 5 innovative techniques. And for fun, she shares 5 more.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Australia 2014: The Van

The 2014 Art is You Australia Mixed Media Roadshow is in the books. But the memories remain... 

The Van

The Roadshow was on the move for much of the month we were in Australia, starting in Sydney, heading to Melbourne, and ending up in Brisbane -- a total of well more than 1600 miles. For you Yanks, that is approximately the distance from NYC to Denver, Colorado.

Our mode of transportation was our trusty van -- which we lovingly nicknamed Matil-Duh.

Despite the fact that 6 or 7 of us were always "crammed" in the van, somehow our rides ended up being the highlight of the trip.

Our amazing leader - Sallianne McClelland - drove every kilometer of the trip.

Not only did we have to fit inside the tin can, so did our luggage...

...which we became experts at fitting in like a puzzle.

All our art supplies had to fit too.

As did Rufus, our Kangaroo.

Lovely Linda and I in the back of the van.

Andrea was all smiles... was Michael.

I think Kecia and I were afraid all that luggage was going to topple onto us.

Looks like our van was memorialized on a wall in Byron Bay.

The company within the van was wonderful and so were the views of the countryside along the way.

Thanks for the ride Matil-Duh!

For another view of the trip...and many, many wonderful pictures, click over to Kecia's blog post as well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Australia 2014: The Crew

The 2014 Art is You Australia Mixed Media Roadshow is in the books. But the memories remain... 

The Crew

Ready to rumble: Andrea Matus deMeng, Michael deMeng, Kecia Deveney (holding Rufus the Kangaroo), Jen Crossley, me, Sallianne McClelland. And the van!

Day 1 in Sydney: Kecia, Andrea, Michael, me

The three mixed media musketeers: Jen, Keith Lo Bue, Andrea

 Michael and friend

 The breakfast of champions: Linda Lucas, Andrea, Kecia

Thrilled to have finally met Ro Bruhn

 Eating again: Kecia, Sal, me

 Cover girl Andrea

 A selfie with Jane Davenport

 Photo bomber Michael, Sal, Kecia

 The leader of the pack: Sal. Check out that lasagna in the case

Jeno and Lindo and those amazing AIY name tags

Pub stop

 New South Wales yearbook photo

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall & Winter Workshops 2014

With the memories of my workshops in Australia still fresh, I am looking forward to my upcoming classes back in the United States.

Up first, I return to the Art is You retreat in Stamford, Connecticut. I am only teaching one workshop there, iWitness, on opening day 10/9. This will be the last time I am teaching this class. I will also be vending at the Art Trunk on 10/11. Please note that workshop registration closes 9/15 for this retreat.

Later on in October I head to Alexandria, Virginia where I will be teaching at Artistic Artifacts for the first time. I will be offering For Your Eyes Only on 10/18 and 52 Card Pickup on 10/19.

November brings me to another new venue Small Studio in an area I have never taught before: Westlake, Ohio. I will again be teaching For Your Eyes Only and 52 Card Pickup, as well as Text Tiles for the very last time.

That winds up 2014 for me. Hard to believe but my workshop schedule for 2015 has already been nearly finalized and I am excited to be teaching in New York, California (north and south), Washington, Maryland, Connecticut, Missouri, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, and a few other spots still to be finalized.

I will be teaching at Art & Soul retreat for the first time in April/May 2015 in Kansas City, MO -- and registration is now open. And in another first for me, I am excited to be teaching in the UK in 2015 as well! Stay tuned for more info on all of next year's workshops soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Week Links: 14

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And here is Week 14...

Kelly Kilmer shares her thoughts about why artists and students in art workshops can benefit from trusting the process.

Perhaps the very first example of photo bombing -- circa 1840s.

For some visual inspiration, 15 interior designers to follow on Instagram from Design Sponge.

Coral Lee shares her thoughts as a student of the first Art is You Australia Mixed Media Roadshow. 

Love these dyed leaf papers from Leslie Marsh.

And loving this artwork -- and the title -- from Kim Henkel.

When autumn leaves with start to fall. Sign up for LaWendula's paper swap here.

15 very cool project ideas from Somerset Place.

The new issue of The Woven Tale Press is available for free on Issuu. Sending my congrats to Kathryn Dyche Dechairo for being featured.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Studio Table: Call for Participants

Join me on Thursday September 18th, as we celebrate the studio table: uncensored, unedited, and most likely unkempt.

So many times when we are presented with images of artist studios, they are pristine -- almost as if nothing goes on in the space. This is often true in books, magazines, blogs, and Facebook. The reality is, of course, that during the process of creating, the mess multiplies faster than the matheletes at the International Mathematical Olympiad (and there really is such a thing)!

Let's go behind the curtain, throw any feelings of shame out the window, and show the world the underside of art and craft. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

To participate, you simply must take a picture of your work table in its full glory -- that is to say at its most messy state. On Thursday September 18th, post the picture and share a link back to my blog.

The brief: If you want to be a part of this online collaborative pop-up, please leave a comment on this post. On 9/18 when the project goes live, I will post a list of all participating artists on my blog so that you can be sure to see all the images and everybody will be sure to see yours. Feel free to let your own readers know about this project by spotlighting it on social media on or prior to reveal day. Please (and this is important) email me your link when your post goes up. It will be the only way I will know to add you to the posted list on my blog.